This project is maintained by Gabriel Caudrelier


Pip3line is a raw bytes manipulation utility, able to apply well known and less well known transformations from anywhere to anywhere (almost).

Its main usefullness lies in pentesting and reverse-engineering / binary analysis purposes.

The main bit

On a Linux KDE desktop the main window would look like this (the actual apparence is system dependent)

Applying a transformation chain to a large number of data blocks

The tool is also able to apply a transformation chain `en masse` to either a file, or data blocks received from a TCP socket, a Named Pipe (Windows) or a UNIX Socket (UNIX/Linux) via the Mass Processing utility

The Quick View

To help reverse engineering, a powerfull quick view functionality is present, which will automatically apply a transformation to the current selection.

Basic text analysis

The text analysis functionality gives you some basic information from your input.

Import / Export

Finally the tool allows you to import/export bytes data easily, either via the Tray Icon, the context menu, or the pre-configured shortcuts.

The import/export functions are personalizable by the user via the Tools->Settings dialog